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Big Success from Thinking Small

Learn what dirty work boots can teach you about work ethic, how the neighborhood Welcome Wagon provides a sense of belonging and why red barns symbolize direction.

Everything I learned about leadership and business success came from growing up in a town of 600 people.

Small Town Leadership takes lessons I learned from small town living and applies them to achieve big business success.

Whether you are a corporate leader looking for an effective way to motivate today’s workforce, a manager striving to bring out the best in each individual for the benefit of the team, or a rising star wanting to make sure your work matters, big success starts by thinking small.

Let’s build your company’s success small town style.

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Let Her Out: Reclaim Who You Have Always Been is where life story meets life coaching. Dive into Natalie’s journey, which started in a small Midwestern town, took her to Silicon Valley, and eventually back home to Ohio. Along the way, you’ll be presented with 100+ coaching questions to help you reconnect to your story on your own journey to Let Her Out.
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I’ve been motivating and inspiring audiences of non-profit, higher education and Fortune 500 leaders since winning my first blue ribbon in public speaking in 4H when I was 8. It was for demonstrating how to make oatmeal cookies. (And I haven’t eaten an oatmeal cookie since).

My career has taken me from Silicon Valley to the Fortune 100 and into entrepreneurship. But being raised in Republic, Ohio (population 600) is where I learned my greatest leadership lessons. I pride myself on using small town spirit to create big success in the world.

In a small town, each person’s work matters. You want your company to feel the same way. If you are looking for a fresh way to look at your company and leadership style, think of it small town style. It’s where everyone plays an important role, working with what you have is the norm and a culture of caring is expected. That’s what Small Town Leadership will help you uncover.

Through informative and motivating keynotes, you’ll see how your company culture can be like a thriving small town. In team building sessions, each team member gets to uncover the unique role they play and how it contributes to the company’s success. Through 1:1 coaching, find out how you can be the type of leader and neighbor who helps foster a sense of pride and care in your community.


I am available to speak to your company, school, or community organization about putting Small Town Leadership lessons to work for you.

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You know there is something more for you – personally and professionally – but the world seems too big and overwhelming to know where to start.

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