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52 Weeks of Meaningful Connections

What could your life look like a year from now if you were intentional about making meaningful connections with others every day?

How would you feel about talking to strangers if you were equipped with tools and tips to make networking easier?

Who is a person in your life you’d like to get to know, but you don’t know where to start?

I learned everything I needed to know about the importance of human connection and relationships by growing up in Republic, a town of 600 people in rural northwest Ohio. Through 52 Weeks of Meaningful Connections, I’ll bring this small town feeling to you on a weekly basis. Through a challenge, tip, story, or research, my goal is to help you forge meaningful connections in your personal and professional life. You can do these in order or jump in at any time!

Join this 52-week journey today – and think where you will be one year from now.

YES – I want to make our big world feel like a smaller place. Deliver the weekly content directly to my inbox!