It is International Women’s Day. I didn’t wear red or purple or stay home from work. I haven’t updated my Facebook profile picture. I’m not opposed to days like this. I want us to celebrate who we are everyday. Today, the two little women I’m thinking of the most are my daughters. Here is what I have to say to them:

Dear MB and K –

Today we celebrate women. Today, I celebrate you. I don’t ever want your gender to define you, limit you or make you afraid. I want you to be who you are.

I want you to make crafts and do flips and dance at parades. I want you to burp and get messy. I want you to be good at math and science and not give up when things get hard. I want you to love and protect your body.

I want you to dream big dreams and make even bigger plans. I want you to make mistakes. I want you to help others and I want you to ask for help when you need it.

I want you to be ambitious. I want you to stand up for your beliefs. I want you to be a voice for those who need you. I want you to hold me accountable to do these things alongside of you.

Being a woman makes us part of a community like no other. Being ourselves is how we make our mark in this community and in our world.

Be strong. Be brave. Be you. Every day I will celebrate you.



What do you want for the women in your life?




Small Town Leadership Founder; Natalie believes everything she needed to know to succeed in her career she learned by growing up in a town of 600 people. As a Certified Professional Coach and award-winning public speaker, she helps her clients and audiences make wherever they are feel like a small town. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, Rob, a professor at Ohio State and two little girls.


  • Cindy Kane says:

    Yes, this is a letter I would send my 2 daughters as well. They are grown and gone, and now they cheer me as much as I cheer them on.

    Just one thing…I think it is important that this letter be signed by the father as well. My husband supported all of us in our goals definitely sending the message that he believed in strong women stepping out and doing all they dreamed. I am thankful for that encouragement for my daughters from a man as well as from me.

    Thank you for this good reminder about International Women’s Day.

    Cindy Kane

    • Natalie says:

      Cindy – it sounds like we have a lot in common! My husband plays a HUGE role in raising our children (he’s just not the author of the blog =) He brings the girls to work with him at Ohio State – where he leads a lab of mostly female graduate students in engineering. And he is often single parent while I travel for work. Our bonds are unique! I can’t wait to read the letter he writes to them someday!

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