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Living Room Life Coaching

What is it? You and your friends like to enjoy a glass of wine and nice conversation. With Living Room Life Coaching, we take your next girls or guys night into your home. Invite 5-10 friends or neighbors for a night of goal setting, dream planning, and deep conversation. You won’t leave with a new outfit or kitchen gadgets, but you will leave with a clearer idea of what might be stopping you from reaching your true potential.

Why host? This is the perfect solution if you discuss any of the following with those who are close to you: how disengaged you are at work, how challenging balancing work and family is, or how you will never take action on the great ideas you have for your future. Wouldn’t it be great to come away from a conversation with action plans to make a difference in these areas of your life?

What happens at a Living Room Life Coaching Session? Through a pre-session discussion, we talk about the biggest challenges facing you and your guests. Based on that discussion, I will design an experience that will help us work on those specific challenges.

In addition to specific exercises to suit your particular needs, all participants can expect to walk away with insight on:

  • How to shift into a more positive state of energy
  • Vision and concrete steps to help reach goals
  • Finding greater meaning in your life
  • Other topics as requested by the group

How long does a session last? Sessions are 2 hours

When can I host? Sessions are available weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

What’s the cost? $50 per participant (minimum participation of 5)