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One of the main lessons I have learned in the 10+ years I’ve been speaking and writing about networking is to remember where you started. This includes remembering all of the people who have come along with you on your journey. It’s tempting when building a networking plan or setting up a series of lunch or coffee meetings to seek out 100% new people.

What I pose to you in this 2nd to last week of the 52 Week journey is to RECONNECT before seeking out new connections.

Access the Networking Map Exercise originally shared in Week 13: Uncovering the opportunities (and gaps) in your network and give a few moments of thought to the following:

    • Who have you added to the circle since starting this journey? What did you learn about yourself and them through this new connection?
    • Who is on the list that would feed your spirit and soul if you spent more time with them? How can you make this happen NOW?
    • Who has helped you out during the past 50 weeks? How can you thank them, NOW?
    • Who have you grown closer to over the past 50 weeks? How can you continue to nurture the relationship?
    • Who do you think might have added you to their circle during the past 50 weeks? What can you do to show this person you want to continue to be a part of their network?
  • Who might you need to release from your circle? What is causing you to hold on versus moving on?

I’m grateful that this experience has brought numerous people back into my life, and many more new connections have been added to the circles that didn’t exist before. In most cases, I wasn’t seeking them out, but instead they fell into place organically because we were in the right place at the right time with the right energy present.

How is your energy drawing people in or pushing them away at this point in your journey of connection? One of the tools I use with coaching clients is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. It can help uncover how your energy might be blocking you from letting people into your life. If you’d like to explore further, reach out to me at

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Small Town Leadership Founder; Natalie believes everything she needed to know to succeed in her career she learned by growing up in a town of 600 people. As a Certified Professional Coach and award-winning public speaker, she helps her clients and audiences make wherever they are feel like a small town. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, Rob, a professor at Ohio State and two little girls.

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