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I was ecstatic to have another article published on Live Lead Play. Here is a teaser for my latest publication. I encourage you to read the whole thing HERE.

“I’m going to ask you to get uncomfortable.”

These are the words that the trainer repeated at a recent exercise class that I attended. How counterintuitive is this in our current society? We live in a time when many strive to increase pleasure and reduce pain. It’s normal to go to great lengths to find a shortcut or take the easy way out. (Continue reading this post on Live Lead Play here.)

It’s fun writing for another forum because there is subtle editing done after I submit the work that only I notice. It’s like my secret. I’m not telling what they changed =) I also get curious about the photos that will be selected to go with the articles. They are usually peaceful scenes that put you at ease.

I’m a highly visual person and try my best to find relevant photos to go with my blog posts. As you can see above, a great graphic of a writer writing. Now friends, I’m going to show you the non-Pinterest version of where I write.

For the article I linked to above, here is where I wrote:

Yes, that’s right, sitting in the front seat of my Honda CR-V, still sweaty from my workout. I talked-to-text most of the article.

I love my home office. I love the color, the organization tools, and decorations. Here is the Pinterest inspiration. (Courtesy of

And here is what it looks like – on a good day. This is where Small Town Leadership – and most of the content that lives on the site today – was created. In my aqua office on the three-sided desk that the previous occupants of my house left in the basement. With princess stickers and mis-matched furniture and photos of my daughters looking onward.

There you have it – a glimpse inside where the writer writes.

Small Town Leadership Lesson: You don’t need a pristine office or Pinterest-like space to do your best work. You only need your creativity and motivation.

Where do you do your best work?


Small Town Leadership Founder; Natalie believes everything she needed to know to succeed in her career she learned by growing up in a town of 600 people. As a Certified Professional Coach and award-winning public speaker, she helps her clients and audiences make wherever they are feel like a small town. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, Rob, a professor at Ohio State and two little girls.

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